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Datos básicos:

  • Location: Southern Thailand
  • Area: 4,521.1 km2 (1,745.6 sq mi)
  • Population: 493,767 (2011)
  • Governor: Decharat Simsiri

Yala, lying in the Southern Thailand, is a landlocked province with appealing history, culture and impressive sceneries. The name of the province means 'fish net' because it was a low land and people earned their living by using fishing nets to catch fish. However, Yala is also the only one of the 14 southern provinces that is not near the sea.

Yala was once a part of Pattani - colony of the Sukhothai Kingdom and finally became one of the provinces of Thailand. It is mostly covered with mountains and forests but has very little flat land. The capital city of the province is centered on a spherical park and scrupulously planned, situated along the Phang Mueang. The city contains Yala Central Mosque with a shaped roof and green dome which is located along the main road to the north of the city.

Yala is the land of mix culture from several groups: Thai, Chinese, and Malay. Being considered as one of the most gorgeous cities in Thailand, Yala hosts a yearly Dove Festival that attracts thousands of visitors each year in which the main event is a cooking contest drawing thousands participants. And once outside Yala, tourists can immerse in plentiful waterfalls, hidden caves, and other attractions to explore.

Having a leisurely walk around the region, tourists can see an appealing and well-organized town with many parks and ponds, as well as some excellent restaurants. There are also some food stalls along the streets which can serve delicious dishes. You can try local alcohol at considerable quantities with reasonable price.

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