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Uthai Thani

Datos básicos:

  • Location: Northern Thailand
  • Status: Province
  • Population: About 328,034
  • Area: About 6,730.2 square km
  • Telephone area code: 066-061

Located in the lower edge of the Northern Thailand, Uthai Thani is one of the absolutely unseen provinces of Thailand. It occupies the area of 6.730 square kilometer and is about 250km from the north of Bangkok. The province contains 8 Amphoes, including Muang, Nong Chang, Nong Kha Yang, Thap Than, Sawang Arom, Ban Rai, Huai Khot and Lan Sak.

The province lies stretching from the high plains of the Chao Phraya River to mountain range, which makes it have the chance to host a lot of natural resources, as forests and wildlife, with abundant endangered wildlife species, especially within Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Reserve, known as a Natural Heritage Site, hosts almost all of the forest animals, including elephants and tigers, of Southeast Asia. Here, beside trekking and seeking for endangered wildlife, tourists also can see its pristine jungles, plains, forests, streams, as well as the rafts residents with the different lifestyles, discover the floating village on the Sakaeo Krang River. The province also stands out for its museum with a number of ruins, prehistoric artifacts, hot springs, colorful cave paintings and a buffalo market.

Recent excavating evidences have shown that this area was settled by prehistoric people, maybe Mon and Lawa. Muang U is the first Thai settlement in this region during the Sukhothai period. This region is the most well-known for being the homeland of King Rama I’s father. This king also renamed the city from Uthai to Uthai Thani. In 1892, the region was added to the Monthon Nakhon Sawan by King Rama V and 1898 it was formed the province.

Uthai Thani offers a wide number of attractions, including Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri temple, Khao Sakae Krang Buddha Footprints, Monument of Somdet Phra Pathom Borom Maha Chanok, Mural Paintings monastery, Wat Mani Sathit Kapittharam monastery, etc. Many fascinating natural attractions are also the ideal places for relaxing as Khao Pathawi mountain with numerous caves inside, Tham Khao Phraya Phai Rua cave, beautiful Khao Khong Chai mountain, and Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary with many rare species of wild animals. Moreover, visitors looking for unspoiled Thai countryside will not be disappointed due to the authentic hospitality of local people here.

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