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Datos básicos:

  • Location: Northern Thailand
  • Status: Province
  • Population: about 458,750
  • Area: About 6,538.6 square km
  • Telephone area code: 066-054

Lying in the wide valley of the Yom River and surrounded by the Phi Pan nam Range from North to South in the west and by the Phlueng Range in the east, Phrae is on of most ancient provinces famous for Cho Hae Buddha's relics and the literature 'Lllit Phra Lo'. It occupies the area of 6,538.6 sq km and 551km from Bangkok. It consists of 8 Amphoes including Muang, Long, Rong Kwang, Wang Chin, Sung Men, Song, Nong Muang Kai and Den Chai.

Phrae was established by Phaya Pol in 1371 B.C. It first had former name “Pol Nakhom”, then changed into “Wiang Kosai” or “Kosiya Nakhon” (means “Silk Cloth”) as ruled by Khmers. Due to the decline of Khmer influence, it was again changed to “Muang Pae”, the city of Victory. Now it has become “Phrae” in the central Thai dialect.

Being the former teak center of Thailand, Phrae features various excellent examples of traditional Thai architecture as old teak mansions, sleepy alleyway with teak houses along the two sides, beautiful temples. There are also preserved forests ideal for trekking, hiking or spotting exotic wildlife, hilltribe communities and villages in the countryside where produces traditional handicrafts. In the surrounding region has some national parks, remote hilltribe villages and a lot of stands of teak protected from loggers.

Phrae hosts a large number of historical and cultural including Phrathat Cho Hae pagoda, Wat Phra That Chom Chaeng shrine, Wat Luang and Wat Phra Non monastery, Wat Sa Bo Kaeo monastery, WatChom Sawan monastery, Wat Phra Bat Ming Muang Worawihan, Phraya Chaiyabun Monument, or Ban Prathap Chai, an impressive house of applied Thai style house, etc. There are also several ethnic hilltribe villages for you to explore as Ban Thung Hong village, which is known for quality local product of cotton fabric, the most favourite item for shopping; Tin Chok Cloth Weaving Villages, being one of the three villages producing woven cotton & silk cloth. Further more, the province offers entertainment areas as Phae Muang Phi Forest Parks, Mae Yom National Park, Wiang Ko Sai National Park and some several waterfalls with hot water. In addition, Talat Hua Dong Market is another destination for tourists to buy some souvenirs with various items as furniture and household utensils. Let’s access to our website for further infornation useful for your adventure!

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