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Datos básicos:

  • Location: Northern Thailand
  • Status: Province
  • Population: About 851,357
  • Area: About 10,815 square km
  • Telephone area code: 066-055

Lying in the lower land of northern Thailand, 377km from Bangkok, Phitsanulok is one of the most attractive provinces in the northern country. The province is located in cross-road position between the Central region and Northern region, which makes it a center of commerce, politics, communication and transportation. It occupies an area of 10,815.8 sq km and is divided into 9 regions, including Amphoe Muang, Bang Rakam, Bang Krathum, Nakhon Thai, Chat Trakan, Noen Maprang, Wang Thong, Phrom Priram and Wat Bot.

Phitsanulok is the homeland of King Naresuan the Great who played an important role in the history of Thailand and his brave brother, Prince Ekatosarot. The province has long been a significent center for both politics and strategy, which led it be a recuiting place in the war with Myanmar. During the reign of King Boromtrailokkanat of Ayutthaya, it served as the capital of Thailand for 25 years. Now it has become a large agricultural center and contributed a part in the Bread Basket of Thailand, make Thailand the largest rice exporting country. 

Despite not being a widely well-known tourist destination, Phitsanulok features a wide range of attractions, from historical and cultural sites to natural beauty, with rugged national parks, the most respected and copied Buddha images, friendly capital and traditionally woven textiles. The province is home to some active temples including Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat monastery, the most important one of the province and is home of the well-known Phra Buddha Chinnarat and a lot of beautiful & valuable items; Wat Ratchaburana and Wat Nang Phya temples; Shrine of King Naresuan the Great; Sergeant - Major Dr. Thawi - Pim Buranaket Folklore Museum which houses collections of crafts, folk-arts, basketry, ancient kitchen utensils and pottery. In addition, there are some entertainment places for tourists playing and relaxing as Sakunothayan Arboretum Park, Thung Salaeng Lunag National Park, Chat Trakan National Park or Namtok Kaeng Song & Namtok Poi waterfalls, etc. Phitsanulok is also home of many historic Buddha sculptures and religious artworks including the Phra Sri Satsada, the Buddha Chinnasri and the Buddha Chinnarat.

For those who want to understand more about the culture of this province, come to this place in festival seasons with a number of festivals taking place annually as Phra Buddha Chinnarat Fair (January), Suan Chom nan Park Festival (twice a year), and Dragon Boat Races (October), etc. So let’s come to this land with us to explore the values different from us. 

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