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Datos básicos:

  • Location: Northern Thailand
  • Status: Province
  • Population: About 549,688
  • Area: About 4,531.0 square km
  • Telephone area code: 066-066

Situated in one of the most picturesque parts of Thailand, amidst green valleys and beautiful wooded hills, Phichit is an ancient historical province in the lower nothern part of the country. The province occupies the area of 4,531.0 sq km and is divided into 8 Amphoes: Bang Mun Nak, Muang, Pho Prathap Chang, Sam Ngam, Pho Thale, Taphan Hin, Wang Sai Phun and Tap Khlo.

Nurtured and lying between the Nan and Yom Rivers, 344 km to the north of Bangkok, Phichit is the agriculturally fertile land widely famous for its freshwater crocodiles. It’s also well-known all over the world for fruit. It’s the major fruit producer in the region with various kinds as pomelo, krathon, jackfruit, Maprang fruits and Makham Kaeo, a sweet tamarind. In addition, this is home of traditional ancient boat racing which contains hundreds of competitors paddling along the river. This regatta is held annually on the Nan River. The colorful hand-woven fabric is another characteristic of the region.

Phichit was ancient town dating back nearly a thousand years ago, probably was built by Phraya Khot Thabong in 1058. The community was firstly named Sra Luang during the Sukhothai period (1238 - 1350) and during the reign of King Rama V (1868-1910), it was designated into a Thai province.

Although being a basically agricultural area, Phichit features a large number of attractions, chiefly related to the natural beauty and history & culture of the region. Bueng Si Fai, the large freshwater lake for breeding crocodiles, is the main tourist attraction in here. This is a hitorical and cultural place with Utthay Mueang Kao Pichit ancient town situated on the banks of the Nan River and Taphan Hin with 34m-high golden image of Lord Buddha, the most prominent sight. There are some Buddhist temples and relics, shrines and chedis. Popular among these are Wat Tha Luang monastery, Wat Nakhon Chum monastery, Wat Bang Khlan, Wat Pho Prathap Chang, Wat Nakhon Chum, etc. There’s also some peaceful relaxing place for people as The Old City Park.

Boat Racing is the characteristic of the region and it has become a nation festival, is held on the first Staurday and Sunday of September. The major features are boat racing and boat procession beauty contest which is very exciting, cheerful and colorful.

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