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Datos básicos:

  • Area: 4,475.0 km2 (1,727.8 sq mi)
  • Capital city: Narathiwat
  • Population: 747,372 (2011)
  • Time zone: Thailand Standard Time (UTC+7)

Narathiwat is located approximately 1,149 kilometers southwards from Bangkok - one of five provinces bordering Malaysia where the railway ends. It has the economic center is Sungai Kolok where there are many Malaysians coming for holiday and shopping.

Narathiwat is the province that has beautiful natural sceneries of tropical forests and the seaside resorts. The plains of the Mae Nam Sai Buri, Mae Nam Bang Nara, Mae Nam Tak Bai and Mae Nam Su-ngai Kolok are contiguous to the gulf. About 75 percent of Narathiwat are jungles and mountains that offers a great opportunity for adventure-lovers to spend days at the gorgeous beaches or in green forests. Narathiwat has a tropical climate with two seasons each year: hot season and rainy season. From November to December is the wettest period of time in the year.

The major population in Narathiwat is Muslims with Yawi language. Living on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, people in Narathiwat mainly survive on fishing and trading with neighboring countries.

Coming to Narathiwat, tourists can’t miss the chance to see picturesque natural beaches which is ideal for picnicking and sunbathing. Visit Phra BuddhaTaksin Mingmongkol located in Wat Khaokong, which is covered with golden mosaic tiles. The Banthon Village - a scenic coastal fishing village, populated by Thai Muslims, is also remarkable for the hand painted fishing boats seen there. There are many colorful models of the craft being made there. The village is also known for its reed mats, Budu sauce and fish-flavored chips.

Narathiwat also offers Specialities Festival & Longkong Fruit Fair. It starts each September in the provincial capital and holds boat races between local crews. Experience the Bang Nara Riverside Festival where a lot of teens and tweens, live music and food stalls along the riverside.

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